some orphan black inspired tattoo designs! sorry it took me like 92 years to do this. i live in the middle of nowhere and i can’t travel everywhere and tattoo everyone as much as i’d really love to so have these, feel free to get them done by your local tattooist. but of course if you could come and get them done by me that would be even better! i’ve updated the art section on my blog too and it has a tattoo section now so all future ob tattoos and designs will be posted there c: there will definitely be more soon. 

if you’re gonna get any of these done pretty please try to change something in the design or ask your tattooist to do it for you, so that if someone else gets the same thing you don’t end up becoming clones of each other. try to do something to make it uniquely yours, change the colours, add or take away stuff, whatever. also remember to credit and stuff obvs and send me pictures! 

aaand if you’re thinking of asking about commissions, please read this

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Like fiery eyeball thing, no problem. But don’t even try to imagine a Samoan elf. (x)

I uh… I understand that that is comedy, and this guy is saying this for comedy’s sake; and I understand that this is also something that actually happened…

But for those reblogging this seriously, and for those who DO NOT UNDERSTAND TOLKIEN AND HOBBIT LORE…

Hobbits come in three different “breeds”:

The Fallohides, which are the ones you see throughout the LOTR and Hobbit movies, the ones in the Shire, etc etc.
Then there’s the Stoors, and the Harfoots, which are ones NOT SEEN in any of the movies because they reside ELSEWHERE IN MIDDLE EARTH. Those ones have different builds, have darker skin tones, and different ways of living than those from the Shire, WHICH IS WHAT THEY WERE CASTING FOR BACKGROUND CHARACTERS IN THE MOVIES.

This wasn’t about fucking racism, it was about being fucking canonical and not breaking lore. You wouldn’t see a Stoor or a Harfoot in the Shire, because that’s not where they are seen in Middle Earth.

Please don’t jump to conclusions like this, goddamn.

you can’t expect reactionary dumblrs or SJ-pandering comedians to actually know anything about their subject matter, alphena.

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